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Creative Studio Bar is a private photo editing service allowing clients to alleviate their workload behind closed doors while maintaining their cohesive and unique brand.

Knock Knock. What’s the password?

Are you ready to scale your business? Maybe, you’re looking to find a stronger work-life balance? Is there not enough hours in your day? Outsourcing photo editing is one of the best ways to regain time back into your company and creative well-being. However, we know it’s hard to pass off one of the largest parts of your business.

We work one and one with clients to fully understand the details behind each editing branding and need. Letting you build a cohesive transition to outsourcing your editing needs and a trusting business partnership.


What’s on the menu?

How It Works

Custom Lightroom Editing

  • Apply Client’s Preset or Match Client’s Style
  • Adjustments Brightness / Contrast / Color
  • Cropping/ Straightening
  • Sharpening / Noise Reduction
  • Renumbering / Renaming / Organizing Files
  • Black & White Copies
  • Photo Emulation
  • Culling

A La Carte Photoshop Editing

  • Blemish Removal
  • Skin Smoothing
  • Minimize Wrinkles
  • Flyaway Removal
  • Object Removal
  • & More

Behind Creative Studio Bar is Michelle Heath. Having run Elle Talk, a cocktail and lifestyle blog whose photography and recipes have been featured on Delish, Good House Keeping, & Cosmopolitan. She has delivered photography to popular brands publicly and privately for 5+ years. Through her experience she has learn the deep intricacies of Lightroom and found a deep love for the editing process. Opening Creative Studio Bar allowed her to refine her passion and give photographers a chance to further explore their own.

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Portrait Portfolio